FUJI Wifi」 is letting customers to apply on website, return at convenience store/ post office/mailbox, convenient rental Wi-fi. We are going to answer frequently asked questions about FUJI Wifi.

The smart phone is used in foreign
Yes, if it has function of accept Wi-fi.
Does it cost call charges?
No. It is included in rental fee.
Do I need to buy a contract with provider?
No. Contract with FUJI Wifi is enough to use. Rental fee is the all you need to pay to use the internet.
What kind of paying methods there are?
Credit card(Visa/Master/JCB/Amex/Diners), Alipay/ Union pay
Can you tell me what if it's not working or I lost it?
  • If it doesn't work, we will ship you replacement with no charge.
  • If it's broken, please send the parts baack.
  • If it lack of the parts, we treat it as loss so you need to pay for it.
  • In case of loss, you need to pay indemnity.
What is "Insurance support"?
It is the insurance for FUJI Wifi router that you don't have to pay indemnity when you lose/break/be stolen it or drop in the water.You must to buy the insurance when you rent it. (* Re-issue SIM card fee cost 4000 yen)
How fast is the communication speed?

The communication speed of maximum downstream is 187.5Mbps, but it totally depends on the area you use it.

How many device can be used with one Wi-fi router?
It is 14 maximum at the same time.
How long does it take to charge fully ?
It depends on the number of the connecetd device, but it's about 7-9hrs.
Can I return it at the airport?
No, please send it back via mailbox. Here is the details about returning process.
Where can I return the Wi-fi?
The convenience store where cooperate with Japan Post, or the mailbox in each airport in Japan. Here is the details about returning process.
Can we extend rental wi-fi duration?
Yes, you can apply it in another website. Here is the details about extention of wifi.Please click here to extend >