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  • Recruit accommodations as agency(For companies who want to activate inbound industry)

To be a new profitable channel!

「FUJI Wifi」 is letting customers to apply on website, return at convenience store/ post office/mailbox, convenient rental Wi-Fi.Also, we are recruiting accommodations as agency

About FUJI Wifi rental service

At the time when Tokyo Olympic takes place in 2020, the number of visitors to Japan will be 20 millions. We assume that the economic benefits would be 20 billions

As a result of our investigation about data provider usage against foreign visitors in Japan, we figured out that a lot of them would like to buy data plans at hotel/accommodations. Therefore we have started to rent Wi-fi to the individual visitors as a tool of helping their travels. We are renting products of Softbank pocket wifi at accommodations, where have strong connections with visitors, and that would generate great synergy effects. For accommodations, this Wifi helps them to provide a better service for their guests. (* Travel agency cooperate for some points. Please note that.)

There are certain amounts of people who wants to rent a poket wifi at the hotel
This is the service which everybody has wanted, but not existed so far.


  • We cannot use internet because we forgot to make application beforehand
  • The agency in the airpot is closed
  • It is troublesome to register the public wifi
  • There is no free career wifi


  • You can rent a day unit.
  • You can return it to Japan Post directly.
  • Hotel doesn't have any risk on inventory (Just reception and settlement)

"No risk on inventory, No risk on cost"and get revenues besides accommodation profits. We can provide such a wonderful service. Here is the details.