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FUJI Wifi’s Terms of use

“Fuji Wi-Fi” is a convenient rental Wi-Fi which customers can rent it at the front desk and return it at a convenience store. This section describes terms of use of “FUJI Wifi”.

FUJI Wifi The User Policy

Article 1. (Scope of Application)

This user policy applies to a contract applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) when the applicant use services, such as “FUJI Wifi”, data communication devices and its components (hereinafter referred to as communication devices) which Regulus co,ltd.(hereinafter referred to as our company) provides.

Article 2. (Policy of protection of personal information)
  1. Our company manages applicants’ personal information properly and carefully ion view of the gist of “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.
  2. 2Personal information is used for providing our service (an announcement of the product, service, conducting a questionnaire, and so on), charging fee or an announcement our company’s service. We will not use personal information for another purpose.
  3. The applicant needs to apply to our company for using when the applicant use it. Our company might contact the applicants on your contact you registered individually or all together if necessary by email, phone or mail.
Article 3. (Alternation of the Clauses)

Our company might change the clauses without permission of the applicants. In that case, our company will inform the applicants following Article 6. (the ways to inform) and then the clauses will be applied.

Article 4. (Alternation of the service contents)

Our company might change the fee for this service or its accompanying services of the contents without permission of the applicants. In that case, our company will inform the applicants following Article 6. (the ways to inform) and then the changed service contents will be applied.

Article 5. (Signing a contract)
  1. Our rental service contract is reached when the applicant completed procedures our company designate and we confirm it.
  2. Our confirmation is an e-mail or mail notification which has “[Confirming your order][Order No.○○]We confirmed your order” in the subject. We will send it to an address you register.
  3. In case that we conclude that it is impossible to provide or service, we will inform the applicants following Article 6. (the ways to inform).
  4. In case as above and the applicant has already done settlement, we will cancel it immediately.
Article 6. (The ways to inform)

About the matters for this User Policy and our service, the ways to inform the applicants are the ways we designate, such as letter, e-mail (SMS etc,), phone or posting on our web site.

Article 7. (Using Period of our service)
  1. While a charging period, our service using period 1 day is 1 union. And a charging period is a period the applicant declared when the applicant applied for, but we will change a charge period if declared information changes.
  2. In case that we cannot confirm the returning devices by the due date, expansion fee will be charged until we confirm returning.
  3. In case that the applicant applies for more than 30 days rental period, we might contact you separately.
Article 8. (Application Procedure)
  1. The applicant agrees on this User Policy and explanation of important matters and fill out an application form we provide or online application form on the Internet and submit it to us by a deadline of application.
  2. We might not confirm the application in case that following matters are applicable to. In this case, we inform it to the applicant.
    • (1)When the applicant is assumed that he/she has reasons to violate our contract
    • (2)When the applicant might neglect payment of liabilities on our contract
    • (3)When the applicant enter false information in the application form
    • (4)When the applicant obviously use our service with behavior that goes against public order and standards of decency
    • (5)When our company judge that we cannot provide our service for other reasons
    • (6)When the company has determined that it can not provide the service by other circumstances
Article9. (Transfer the rights)

The applicant is not allowed to transfer or move the rights or duty on our contracts to others.

Article 10. (Alternation of the applicant information)
  1. The applicant has to inform alternation of the applicant information which completed procedures following Article 8.
  2. In case that the applicant neglected notification of Clause 1 and the applicant and user cannot use our service, we will not be responsible for it at all.
Article 11. (A communication device delivery)
  1. The applicant receives a device in the following way from our company or another designated company
    • (1)Send it to the place the applicant designates (In Japan) by post
    • (2)Receive it directly at the designated post office in the airport
    • (3)Receive it directly at the designated post office counter
    • (4)Receive it directly at designated accommodation
    • (5)Receive it at mailbox the applicant designates
  2. In case that a device cannot be provided by the due date because of what we are not responsible for, such as the weather or the accident, or the applicant cannot receive it, we will not be responsible for it.
Article 12. (Cancel the application)

Please note that it is not available to cancel the application after completing it.

Article 13. (Returning a communication device)
  1. The applicant return a device to our company by the designated way by the end of the rental period.
  2. By returning date provided by Article 7, the applicant send it to designated place with designated shipping label.
  3. In addition, in case the applicant returns it with different shipping label from a designated one, we might charge fee separately.
  4. The expansion of rental period in Article 7 Clause 2 and 3 needs expansion fee.
Article 14. (Fee)
  1. Fee for our service is calculated according to a rental period in Article 7 and following fee list on our web site and we will specify it when the applicant apply for it.
  2. During the applicant use our service, using fee will be charged whether the applicant communicates or not.
  3. In case the applicant uses an excessive amount of communication in Article 22, additional charge on a fee list might be charged.
  4. In case that we confirm that the company we regard in the same business uses our service, we will charge usual fee and another fee which is calculated in metered system.
  5. In case we will not confirm the payment by the due date, we might charge 14.5%/year expansion interest.
  6. Fee can be changed without announcement.
Article 15. (How to charge and pay)
  1. Credit card and designated ways such as China UnionPay or Alipay is available for a payment for our service.
  2. When you pay for our service, you need to follow the rule of your financial institution.
  3. We might allow the applicant to use deposit or credit card guarantee depending on the applicant’s condition such as region, period, the number of devices and so on.
  4. In case that rental period is more than 1 month, the applicant might need to pay fee by a month.
  5. Our company will contact the applicant by letter, email, phone or visit (there might be another way) when the applicant does not pay fee for our service after the due date
  6. Our company can entrust the other company with charging and receiving fee, expansion interest, expansion fee according to Article 13 and other credit according to the User Policy.
  7. In case our company or cooperated company visit the applicant to claim and receive credit, the applicant pay cost for visit to us or cooperated company.
Article 16. (Cancelation of the contract)
  1. Our company can cancel the contract immediately when the applicant applies to following things.
    • (1)When the applicant neglects payment or it is obvious that the applicant neglect payment on our contract
    • (2)When the applicant illegally or obviously starts using our service with behavior that goes against public order and standards of decency
    • (3)When the applicant starts using our service having serious trouble to others using our service directly or indirectly
    • (4)When the applicant against the rules of the applicant’s duty
    • (5)When the applicant has a petition for personal bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, paying back or civil rehabilitation.
    • (6)hen the applicant is a crime syndicate, a gangster or anti-society group or has any relation with them.
    • (7)When we judge the applicant has an inevitable reason that we cancel the contract.
  2. When our company stop our service because of previous Clauses, we inform stop date and reasons to the applicant in advance in the way according to Article 8. However, when we judg it is emergency and unavoidable, we might not inform the applicant.
  3. In case that the applicant’s contract is canceled due to Clause 1 and 2, the applicant has to be responsible for damages on our company.
Article 17. (Management of a communication device)
  1. The applicant maintains and manages a communication device with good responsibility and is not allowed to do these following things.
    • (1)Transfer, resale, analysis, conversion, modification, damage, destruction, lost a communication device, remarkable damage (attaching sticker, tearing, coloring), tearing attached sticker, etc.
    • (2)Illegal usage except our contract
    • (3)The conduct that against prohibition matters on manuals of a communication device
    • (4)The conduct that against Telecommunications Business Law or Mobile Phone Improper Use Prevention Act and its related laws
  2. In case our company judge that it applies to a previous Clause, we can corrective instruction and the applicant must follow it.
  3. In case our company judge that it applies to a previous Clause, we can forced returning instruction of a communication device and he applicant must follow it.
  4. In case our company judge that it applies to a previous Clause, we can claim damages and the applicant has a duty to follow it.
Article 18. (Lost and Damage of a communication device)
  1. The applicant uses and manage a communication device following our usage and paying attention.
  2. In case that a communication device is lost, broken or stolen, the applicant has to report it to our company immediately.In addition, the applicant needs to pay communication fee which is used illegally until the applicant report it to us.
  3. In the case of Clause 2 above, the applicant has to pay payment for repair or re-delivery we provide separately to our company except the case we should be responsible for it.
Article 19. (Security Support)
  1. Security Support is a service that compensates communication devices when the applicants or user lose or break it during your using period. Taking out this service is required to all applicants.
  2. This system is applied to the applicants who applied for our devices following Article 8.
  3. We will present a detail of compensating system charge and contents to the applicant on our web site separately.
    • 1.Taking out this service is required to all applicants.
    • 2.Security Support is intended to a rental device only. A rental device is a device, a battery and back cover. USIM Card is not included.
    • 3.In front of the compensation money exemption application, instep performs the examination, B is a result of the examination, reimbursement of some or all You shall be relieved of payment.
    • 4.Even while alternative devices is provided because of troubles, lost, communication limitation, fee is charged.
      1. [List of liquidation]devicesamount of money
      2. ・devicesamount           money
      3. ・The main part・・・・・・・・・・Security Support covers
      4. ・Battery・・・・・・・・・・・・・Security Support covers
      5. ・Back cover・・・・・・・・・・・・Security Support covers
      6. ・SIM Card・・・・・・・・・・・・・4,000 yen (+tax)
      7. ・AC Battery Charger・・・・・・・・Security Support covers
      8. ・Pouch・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Security Support covers
      9. ※It is not available to reissue in the middle of the using period except pouch, manuals, AC battery charger, a rental device and USIM card.
  4. In case the applicant lost it or meet theft, be sure to obtain an official certificate by the police station in Japan or public organization and present it to us.
  5. Article 18 Clause 4 is not a range of compensation.
Article 20. (purchasing communication devices)

The applicant cannot purchase communication devices.

Article 21. (Prohibition)
  1. The applicant must not do following things when the applicant uses our service.
    • (1)The conduct that invade the other’s copyright, trademark right or other rights or the conduct that can invade those rights
    • (2)The conduct that against the User Policy
    • (3)The conduct that against Telecommunications Business Law or Mobile Phone Improper Use Prevention Act and its related laws
    • (4)he conduct that fix additions on rental communication devices or converse, decompose or destroy rental communication devices
    • (5)The conduct that invade our company’s ownership such as renting, giving or guaranteeing our devices to the others
    • (6)The conduct that we judge unsuitable with rational reasons
Article 22. (Fair Use and Limitation)
  1. To provide a fair use of communication to all, we might stop or limit your use following standards in each region because communication company’s policy or our judgement or when the applicant use excessive amount of communication (ex. More than 5GB in 3 days).
  2. In case those stop or limitation will be happen, the applicant cannot communicate again within your using period. In that case, we will not return fee to the applicant.
  3. We might charge separately to the applicant who use excessive amount of communication following Article 14 Clause 3.
Article 23. (Exemption from Responsibility)
  1. In case that the applicant uses our rental devices service and connect the communication network with the communication devices including electronic book devices such as smart phone intentionally or unintentionally by the way we designate, a communication company might charge International data roaming. In that case, our company will not be responsible for it at all.
  2. In case it has any trouble to use communication devices and the applicant do not tell it to our company during your using period, we will not be responsible for it at all and the applicant has to pay fee.
  3. Please note that we will not be responsible for it when there are any mistakes in the procedure following Article 8 and any trouble to use the communication devices there.
  4. However, in case that there are any trouble on communication and the applicants cannot use our service because of our fault, we will compensate the applicants, such as exemption from fees in the range of our contract and we will not guarantee an alternative communication device or pay its cost. Besides, we will not responsible for over-damage which surpass our contract range.
Article 24. (Damages)
  1. In case an applicant damages our company due to an applicant’s fault on the product usage, an applicant has to compensate for the damage.
  2. In case an applicant damages outsider on the product usage or a conflict is occurred with outsider, an applicant has to resolve it with responsibility and cost all by oneself. We will not take all responsibility. In case our company will be investigated the responsibility, the applicant will solve its responsibility and cost and we will exempt from it completely.
Article 25. (Alternation of the User Policy)

This User Policy might be changed without informing in advance.

Article 26. (applicable law and jurisdiction)

A rental contract of the product complies with the Japanese law. The first court’s exclusive agreement jurisdictional court is Tokyo District Court on a conflict of a rental contract of the product

Article 27. (Contact Infrmation)
  • FUJI Wifi
  • WEB:http://www.fuji-wifi.jp/
  • TEL:0570-099-213
  • Email: info@fuji-wifi.jp
  • Business Hours: 10:00~18:00 (Except the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year)

Enacted on August 22nd, 2017